About Brant Davidson Garage Door Repair

A full service garage door repair company located in North Austin TX.

Our company’s philosophy has always been to support our customers with quality products and services in a demand driven market, providing the most economical and effective solutions to meet their requirements. We give high priority to customer satisfaction, and developing and maintaining long term customer relationships.

3 Generations of Quality Service

Hi I’m Brant Davidson. My grandfather Truman Davidson started his garage door business back in 1962. He taught my dad Ken Davidson and my dad taught me. Grandpa Truman used to build beautiful wood sectional garage doors out in a shop he had converted from a barn on his farm in Windsor CA.

I remember playing in the barn when I was little. When I got big enough to carry a tool box my dad used to make my brother and I carry his tools into the garages when he was getting ready to work and then we would run around and play in the construction sites while he installed the doors that grandpa had built.

When I was about 24 years old I told Grandpa Truman that I was starting my own business. His only advise to me was ‘well, just be honest’

I’ve done enough garage door repair jobs to know exactly what you need and my prices are accurate 9 out of 10 times. And I’ve been working in the Austin area long enough to know what kind of doors are out here and what kind of door you have.

Anyone who won’t give you a price on the phone either doesn’t know their job or they’re planning on taking advantage of you when they get there. I won’t try to sell you parts you don’t need. I’ll tell you right now, you don’t need new rollers. That’s the biggest scam out there. Some companies tell every customer that they need new rollers and they charge another $200.

The rare times I do recommend new rollers I change em all for $50. The white nylon w/steel ball bearing rollers, just like the other guys sell for $200. They’ll all last 30 years. Don’t get taken advantage of. Call me, I won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.