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I have two garage doors with the same type of openers (I believe Sears Craftsman, about 12 years old). One is working fine. The other stopped opening all the way about a week ago. It opens about 2 feet then stops.

It also sometimes will not close without a couple of tries. I was thinking that the cold had something to do with it. I don’t know how it could suddenly get “heavier”.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

I will take a look at the unit more closely using the suggestions previously mentioned on various sites. I’ll will report back if it changes anything. In the meantime, an additional comments/suggestions would be appreciated. I have been reluctant to call a garage door repair service without trying to resolve myself first.

The garage door opener is assisted by the use of springs. Springs put tension on the garage door taking up some of the weight so that when you open it, the springs help pull the door up. The most common types are springs that extend horizontally back along the track, or coiled springs that extend horizontally directly above the door.

At 12 years old, it is certainly possible that those springs have lost some of their tension. This in effect makes the door feel heavier for the garage door opener. Since there is less tension on the spring the further the door goes up, it would make sense that the door would feel heaviest the last few feet, just as you described.

I can say most confidently that the problem is that you springs have lost some of their “spring”. The easy fix is to simply adjust the spring by putting more tension on it.

With all of that being said, however, the springs have several hundred pounds of tension on them. If you don’t know what you are doing, it can be very dangerous to adjust the springs yourself. Once wrong move could send several hundred pounds of force into your face, breaking a hand, or even possible impalement.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

Any tips for repairing mortar joint above a garage door? The joint above the garage door has a metal plate and it has corroded some, and the mortar on that joint has come out, so I chipped all the extra mortar out and I’m ready to put new mortar in.

Should I treat the metal strip with anything before putting mortar in the joints? If yes, how? Also, any tips on making it the same color as the old mortar would be great, thanks

The best tip here to avoid rust and the metal plate sticking to the cement is spraying with a lubricant like WD-40. Another solution that works also specially on winter is applying petroleum jell with a small brush. This will also prevent the surfaces from sticking one to another. More help you can found on the link below.

How do you set the garage door opener in your car to open your garage door? I have a 1999 Grand Jeep Cherokee and I don’t have the manual so I don’t know how to set the button in the car to my actual garage door opener. Ideas?

Under or beside the control button there are 5 switches and a corresponding set of switches on the door opener, set the Jeep to the same configuration as the door opener.

My overhead garage door opener isn’t working. I have 2 Liftmaster door openers that are about 10 years old. One of them seems to lose power every once in a while. When it does not work, I noticed that the light on the wall control button is not lite up. The 2nd opener has not had the same issue.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

When the light on the button goes out, the second unit is still lite. I have not done anything to it, and would notice that a day later the light would be back on and the unit would work. Could there be a short somewhere? The control pad has the door Button, a light button and lock button.

Pushing any of these does not do anything. Its happened 4 times in the last 2 months. What’s up?? Does the wall control pad just pop open to get to the wires? I don’t want to break it. Thanks for the help.

I would call a local Overhead Garage door company and run the question past them. At 10 years old, it isn’t impossible that you may need to replace your opener. If they plan on replacing the unit, get a 2nd opinion before purchasing a new unit and choose the best offer. If you suspect an electrical short, you want to get that fixed ASAP!

Sears Garage Door Opener-Lights Won’t Come On? I have had a Sears garage door opener working fine for several years. Now the lights won’t come on when the door opens/closes or even when using the lights button on the control. The bulbs are fine and I can hear the opener switching the lights on/off but the lights still won’t come on.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

The older sears openers had a thermal metal switch that worked very well. It can be replaced but you might have trouble finding one. You can call a garage door repair company to see if they will get you one.

Just make sure you unplug your opener before you try that. Any suggestions? should I get the spring replaced? can I do it myself?If all is correct and adjusted correctly, a small child should be strong enough to open the door.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

Any excessive load due to failed springs will have a dramatic and relatively immediate negative impact on your door opener. You should be able to replace the springs yourself provided that you have some mechanical skill.

Make sure that you support the door (in the up position) with a couple of 2×4’s during the repair process as the springs are at rest in the up position. Size matters, so make sure you match the new springs up properly. Look for a stamp or sticker on the old spring (or ends) to identify the wire size and length.

Garage door repair single or double torsion springs?
so after 13 years my torsion spring broke on my garage door. I’m looking to install it myself but wanted to ask some questions.

Every video I’ve viewed showed a double torsion spring installation for my size single garage door (2 car). Was this so in my case? Will I be ok if I installed just a single torsion spring or should I go ahead and install 2?

Garage Door Repair North Austin

There are two types of garage door torsion spring installations. There are the type that run from the opening to the rear of the door and act as balance springs As they expand on door opening and contract when the door closes.

It takes one on each side of the door and they’re an easy DIY installation. Then there’s the spring that runs across the opening and winds and unwinds as the door opens and closes. If you have the second type call a garage door company to take care of it.

Regardless of how handy you may be, or think you may be, handling that spring is as dangerous as handling a hungry bear and a rattlesnake at the same time. It has the speed of a snake and the force of a bear. A good friend, who just happens to be a very good mechanic, decided he could do his one day.

Craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting tips? I just installed a new gear & sprocket assembly since the old drive gear was totally chewed up. The problem I’m having is that when I run the opener, the sprocket will make a clockwise cycle but will immediately do a counter-clockwise cycle in the same distance.

I’ve done it without the chain and with the chain and it’s the exact same thing either way. That is what happened initially before I changed the gear & sprocket assembly.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

Now with the chain attached to the sprocket, the door moves a few inches up and then back down to where it started from. Nothing is obstructing the sensors because the lights don’t blink when this happens and when I deliberately stepped into the sensor, the lights do blink.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how to answer to the replies I receive on this, but firstly thank you to all that have replied.

I tried adjusting the force and amount of travel but nothing happens. When I replaced the old drive gear, I also replaced the worm gear and all associated parts (bearings, etc.). I didn’t know until afterward that they sell just that part that I needed; instead I bought the whole assembly and assumed I had to change it all.

Nothing was broken or stripped anywhere throughout. All wires were fine & plugged back into their proper spots. After the repair, the door is moving whereas it wasn’t before; it’s stuck in the same position that it broke in. It will move up a few inches & back down to where it was, making the overall movement zero.

This will happen w/o the chain attached as well. Obviously the door won’t move since it’s not attached at that point, but the sprocket will go clockwise 1 turn & then immediately counter clockwise.

Garage Door Repair North Austin

You mentioned the light sensors that stop the door from closing when something is in the way, but I didn’t read anything about the limit stops on the overhead guide rail. If those are OK, then you need to look in the manual to adjust the travel.

Now that you know the door is sticking, you need to check the rollers, track, hinges, assist springs and any other place it might be binding. That is probably what stripped out your gear assembly to begin with. Get the door working manually before you attache the automatic opener.

1/2 hp craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting? I have a 1/2 hp opener and all the motor will do is hum when the switch is depressed. All the lights work, the motor just does not lift the door. Door moves fine with out the motor motor will not drive chain.