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What’s the difference between a screw drive motor and a chain motor in terms of noisiness?
Screw drive motors are the quieter of the two, but most garage door companies tend to use chain motors for single-story homes that don’t have rooms above their garages.

What will happen to my old garage door when you install a new one? Most garage door companies will remove your old door and dispose of it properly. Can a garage door company install a keyless entry system on my garage door?

Most garage door companies can mount an exterior keyless sensory system that mounts to the wall on the outside of the garage door and requires you to enter a code number. These systems are also handy if your children come home from school before you. Instead of carrying keys, they can punch in the code number and get into the garage.

  • I’m thinking about getting a steel garage door.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no third-party verification, which means customers have to trust the steel is as strong as the manufacturer claims it is.
  • That depends on the type of door you choose.

Most garage door companies will discuss every aspect with you and come up with an appropriate recommendation based on your needs and wants.

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Are carriage garage doors worth the price? Carriage doors can greatly improve the appearance of a home and dramatically enhance its value. It improves the curb appeal, because it’s the first thing you see on the front of the house.

Most companies have access to many hard-to-get parts, so if a model is still being made, or if the parts are available, they can solve the problem.

Your garage door is an important part of your home and you want it to work properly. If it breaks or won’t open right, you need to find garage door repair experts. These problems can occur at any time so you need to look for 24 hours garage door services.

If you need a garage door installation then you need to find a provider. Look for one that can work on either a commercial and residential garage doors. You should try to find someone who will provide you with reasonable rates at the same time. Finding a good company is essential when you need emergency garage door services.